Collection: HA + H2O

HA + H2O is the moisture surge skin needs!  Water is the most vital element for the skin.  Optimize the skins water reservoirs with this collection equipped with dual-hyaluronic acid, pseudo (plant-based) collagen and peptides. Perfect for all skin types specifically dehydrated skin.  HA + H2O  works synergistically with all SWAT beauty collections to amp up your skins moisture levels.

Imagine you had a plant and never watered it for weeks? You suddenly notice it is dry and brown in the pot.  Is it alive?  It could be!  The root or bulb beneath the soil may still have life.  Should you fertilize it or water it first?  Fertilizer would burn it and kill it therefore water is the first aid required to restore the plants life.  Our skin is the same!  We often introduce serums and actives to the skin when it is NOT optimally hydrated.  The result can be itching, burning and irritation.  95% of us have dehydrated skin therefore offering a drink to quench our skins thirst is welcome any day of the year!

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