Cosmeceutical is when nature + science meet = biotechnology.  All SWAT beauty products are precisely formulated in the laboratory to ensure optimal efficacy to build a harmonious relationship with your skin. The products are adapted to align with your skin’s pH offering targeted solutions with optimal results for a variety of skin conditions!  



Biotechnology means our formulations are created in the lab using sustainable practices to deliver consistent product.   We use natural ingredients such as plant stem cell extracts, grains and other sources from the earth and duplicate their DNA in the lab.  What makes this special?  First and foremost, this makes our product more sustainable.  It isn't necessary to remove thousands of plants from our ecosystem to make skincare.  For example, did you know it takes up to 242,000 rose petals to make only 5mL of rose oil? And what would happen if a particular harvest was altered, even destroyed due to poor climate conditions or infestation of bugs?

  • product formulation could change in texture, color, scent and efficacy due to any changes during harvest
  • backorders or delays in production could result if the crop did not meet quality standard
  • the consumer, or end user will not receive the same consistent product they grew to for thought.  If you are a foodie btw, biotechnology can ensure in the event of global famine, some foods could still be produced!

Why are some of your cleansers and toning essences more expensive than other brands?

Cleansing the skin on your face, neck and decolette is a daily ritual, often done twice per day, everyday! SWAT beauty cleansers and toning essences are 250mL/8oz in size – most competitive brands with similar products are under 200mL or 5-7oz in size. 


What is a Toning Essence?

A toning essence is the perfect blend between a toner and a serum.  Like a toner, essences restore the skin's pH while removing any residual makeup or cleanser left behind.  The formulation of the essence delivers a high percentage of active ingredients to the skin acting like a primer or an extra boost of hydration before your serum application.


Am I able to mix products from different SWAT beauty collections?

Collections can be mixed to achieve your skincare goals! SWAT beauty formulations are designed to work in synergy with one another.  Keep in mind however, if your primary focus is Brightening and Illumination, using the cleanser, toner, serum/treatment and moisturizer from this collection will optimize the end results.  If you have more than one goal, say for example anti-aging and hydration; it is ok to utilize products from our HA + H2O collection paired with some HERO products from PROTECT + FORTIFY.

Vitamin C’s and Retinols make my skin red and irritated – am I allergic?

Without an allergy test conducted by a Physician/Dermatologist we cannot determine if you will be allergic to a product.  With many targeted skincare products on the market we know that high percentages of active ingredients can cause redness and irritation if the skin is not properly hydrated.  No matter what condition or skin type you wish to address, optimizing hydration levels is the first condition that requires attention.  When skin is well hydrated it not only has better tolerance to active ingredients such as Vitamin C’s and retinols, but it also accepts ingredients designed to reduce the signs of aging!  If you have questions about an ingredient or product please email us @


Does SWAT beauty test on animals?

The SWAT beauty team loves animals and can proudly say we are cruelty-free!  There are ZERO animal bi-products in our formulas! 


Are SWAT beauty products safe?

SWAT beauty products follow the guidelines set forth by Health Canada/FDA to ensure your safety.  All products have been through rigorous testing to ensure their safe use and performance.   Remember, your skin is your most vital organ and like a sponge – it is highly permeable!  All of our products are paraben-free and for the most part “free from” the Dirty Dozen.** (A small percentage have natural fragrance to mask the raw scent of a few select plant derived actives. Nobody likes unpleasant scents and some plants are quite fragrant by nature.)